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Craft your organizations online reputation by yourself

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Being a leader at Online Reputation Management at aReputation, people often ask us the best way to assume control of their virtual identity. We, at times, are puzzled to hear various different types of problems individuals and organizations are facing due to their degrading online reputation. Off late we met Steve, a young CEO of an emerging firm in UK, who was annoyed because his organization’s name sounded similar to another firm in Germany and the latter was facing legal troubles. And as Steve was eyeing to enter global markets, he was facing issues in getting though even the very first client meetings.


One Size Fits All?? Not here.

Unlike many other web issues where there may be a tried and tested formula to solve a problem, it’s not the case with Online Reputation Management. Even at aReputation, where we have solved troubles of numerous clients, we do not have a predefined solution which will solve your problem or may be Steve’s. But yes, after due diligence online reputation management companies can recommend you the best way you can opt for and help you combat the trouble.

But what if you want to take charge from day 1?

What is the best way to proactively create a positive online reputation rather than fixing it sometime later?

Create & Publish

One of the best ways to avoid unwanted user generated content on the web is to create the content yourself before someone else does. This way you can target the audience with whom you want to communicated from day 1 and also build a brand overtime which will act as a huge asset to your organization.

One of the first steps while laying the foundation of an organization nowadays should be setting up your own domain name along with a company blog. Though the website may project some static information, but the blog should actively talk about what your company specializes in. The write ups can be SEO compliant to make your organization stand out amongst the millions of search results Google throws.

Communities, Connections and Contributions

In line with the professional profile your company holds, make sure that you join influential professional networks, groups and communities. Utilize these platforms fully to make new connections and earn recommendations wherever possible. And because we assume by now that you must own a domain and a blog, keep sharing blog links in these communities and keep the audience engaged.

Apart from communities, you can also be a part of directories and yellow papers available online. These yellow papers are influential, reach the right target audience and can prove to be a vital tool in your organization’s success.

If you are acquainted to basic rules of the web and a few Google algorithms you shall be able to shape your own online reputation from day 1. However, in case you are taken by surprise the day you start up, you may consider contacting online reputation management companies like aReputation who can help you clear the crap.

It’s a dream for a lot of people to stand tall as an entrepreneur, but not many will like to have the experience of what Steve had.

Good Luck.


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