aReputation helps identify frauds and defamatory content in the digital universe that can hamper your business. The company monitors fake online reviews and complaints against your brand.

Two Things to Remember About Online Reputation Management

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I’ve written quite a bit about online reputation management lately, and hopefully by now you understand that it’s both important and relatively straightforward. You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money on your company’s reputation to get it right, and making a small investment in generating the right image can do huge things for your sales and marketing efforts.
As you contemplate that, though, keep in mind these two important caveats about online reputation management:

A great reputation isn’t built overnight… Although it theoretically only takes a few minutes to post something to the web, the reality is that it’s going to take you a little bit of time to find customers loyal enough to post positive reviews and wait for them to be approved. In fact, trying to do too much too quickly can work against you, as search engines and review sites alike look suspiciously at reviews and profiles that seem to spring up out of nowhere. READ MORE


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