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Google up your positive reputation


gooDid you ever Google up your name?

How was the experience? Everybody frown like that recalling that incident just like you. Did you know that one billion people are being searched every day on Google? Well now you do. From those billions searches, 75% searches are being done by the hiring departments of various organizations around the world and more than 80% of them consider to look for profiles of their applicants using Google. So you better keep it all neat and clean if you are in search of your dream job. Maintaining a positive image of yourself can serve you that purpose so you better do it as soon as possible.

There are few steps to follow if you want to enhance your positive image in public and they are:

  • Google up yourself
  • Buy a domain name
  • Be active on Social Networks
  • Improve your presence by commenting
  • Keep private and public things separated

It helps you stand out of the crowd of your competitors which is the ‘need of the minute’ in such a cut throat competition. You need to improve your ranking on Google and in order to do so you need to focus on your positive aspects and acts, and decrease the negative ones below and bury in the heap of positive results, as those positive results gives your career an edge. You need to dominate your negative results and avoid the same from taking place in future. There are various sites which can help you with the same. So don’t hesitate to contact one because it’s the question of your reputation.


2 thoughts on “Google up your positive reputation

  1. Seriously! I have looked for my name on Google and it was not a good experience I would say. There were times when I didn’t care while uploading any picture of mine on fb, but now I’m more careful while doing so. I definitely don’t want to convey an undesirable image of myself to my prospective employer. Don’t want to take that risk at all. I will surely not commit that mistake which many people do. I will keep it all in mind for future reference.


  2. I dint know that small moves can hamper your image to such great extent. From now onwards, I will be careful before sharing my personal life on social networking sites.


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