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Improve your clickthrough rate on twitter


clickTwitter is the platform where you follow your favorites and get followed by those who consider you their favorite. They come to know about your current status from your tweets and retweets; be it any thought, a promotion campaign, some viral video or a picture which conveys your core message, they are retweeted (click), added to the favorite (click) and many a times replied (click).

That click-click enhances your CTR which eventually increase your popularity over the internet and contributes in maintaining your online reputation. We will be providing you with certain tricks to be kept in mind and increase your CTR.
– Place the links in your tweets which connects to your website
– Write tweets which are influential and convincing
– Do the right thing at right time, i.e. post when most of your followers are online.
– Use the right keyword which you think people will type for searching something which you are offering
– Use images with your tweets
– Use words like “@”, “Check”, “via” and others of same sort as people feel a connection with them and click in   an instant
– Keep the length limited between 120 to 130 words
– Maintain a time gap between your tweets
– Use appropriate #hashtags at apposite moment

You can also increase your CTR by participating in Twitter chats where you can win people’s confidence and persuade them to visit your profile and relate with your content over there. Don’t forget to connect your Twitter account with your other social media accounts so that people visiting FB can also check out the same stuff refurbished in more attractive manner on Twitter.

Wish your luck for attracting your twitterati!


2 thoughts on “Improve your clickthrough rate on twitter

  1. Thos people, who keep tweeting just for the sake of their online reputation management, I hate them. It’s so annoying to see 2 to 3 tweets from single source, on daily basis. Posting twice a day will not call you active on internet; it will only annoy your audience, just like me. So people really need to stop that. Btw nice blog!


  2. Somebody told me that improving the CTR is an integral part of one’s online reputation management. So if I need an improvement in my twitter CTR, then I will have to look after my ORM which won’t give me results as per my expectations if I don’t manage it properly.


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