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Negative search results and your online reputation


download (3)Will you open such link of a site whose result page shows negative results? Why would you open it? To see what is wrong and why not go for it. Simple! And why won’t you open it? Because it is just a waste of time and you just wanted couple for reasons not to go for it and the negative results gave you the same. Simpler! Time for reality check- same is the case with your audience who searches your name on search engine and decides on the basis of your search results whether to proceed in that direction or change it.

Bad links or bad reviews popping up on your result page portrays your image as an organization which is not reliable and the searcher shouldn’t even consider opening the link. That is another opportunity for your competitor to degrade your image in your audience’s perception and they will not hesitate to grab it. This is more crucial situation for those businesses that are well settled on the World Wide Web and have a number of competitors who always strive to spoil the impression of that company.
The negative search result is that stone which stirs and disturbs your calm and serene lake of online reputation management when thrown into it with the goal of negative effect generation of your online business. It is your sole responsibility to deal with it and manage the same by following the subsequent measures:
> Generate more valuable content
> Create more profiles on social media platforms to reach out number of people
> Register the negative domain names fro avoiding unfavorable consequences
> Implement sitelink extensions al over the internet
> Don’t provide backlink to URL where more negative reviews can found

Now it’s upon you to take care of your reputation by managing all the not-so-required and undesirable content & review and take the affirmative action as per your requirement and look up to your online reputation.
Go and nail it!


4 thoughts on “Negative search results and your online reputation

  1. have adverse effect on your image and make it difficult for you to continue with effective online reputation management. People do judge a book by its cover and those negative reviews are like the cover of your book, i.e. our business. So yeah, it totally depends upon you to change the cover by taking the affirmative steps.


  2. Sometimes while re-evaluating your business, work, project or yourself introduces you with all those loopholes which you unintentionally leave out. Re-eval is like revision of your deed, which is equally essential.


  3. The internet is flooded with negative search results which are greater in number as compared to the positive results. So a proper online reputation management is required to balance it out.


  4. Online reputation does get hampered with negative search result. So we need to take care of it if we are on the track to mark our presence over the internet.


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