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Measure your Online Reputation effectively

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Every person doing business over the internet, surely looks after his or her Online Reputation Management. If it is done the right way, there is nothing which can stop him or her from attaining success.

But how to measure that online reputation? Here are some tips to know where you stand when it comes to your online reputation:

Bookmarks: internet users bookmark a page or site whenever they find it useful and it informs you about the trust that people invest in your brand. The More these bookmarks, the more is your reach to the end customer.

RSS feed: if you see your RRS subscription rate going up, then it is obvious that your business is getting the requisite attention from the audience.

Reviews: reviews about your product or service over the internet work as a motivator for the brand. Where positive reviews work like a pat on your back, negative reviews provide you an opportunity to work upon your shortcomings.

Followers: the increasing number of followers on your twitter account continuously contributes in making your online reputation. After the followers, the number of retweets also narrates the story of your growth.

Facebook likes: more shares ensures more comments, and consequently more likes ensures more views. Thus more and more is beneficial for your online reputation. So make sure that you keep getting those more which can be assured by uploading quality content.

Repetitive visits: when someone revisits your website, it kind of make you happy that your content is being valued and considered useful by the user, that is why he or she came back to have another look. Those repetitive visits enhance the worth of your online content
The diversity, purity, relevance, validation and volume of your content ought to be up to the mark to attract genuine audience and enhance your online reputation without compromising with the quality.

If you think that your online reputation management can get you what you want, then you are right. Want to know more? Consult aReputation ORM firm, which will guide you through the toughest of paths.


One thought on “Measure your Online Reputation effectively

  1. I do that, but I liked the way you have made it look like an easy process, where efforts and consequences are measures. And they do count a lot. Nice blog.


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