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Social Media tactics for B2B Corporate House


The use of social media platforms is not limited to remain in contact of your near and dear ones but with the digital revolution, it has become an integral part of the businessmen’s promotional strategies. Business to Business service providers, who are utilizing social media platforms well, are in a huge benefit at the moment as they agree that online social media helps them in generating double to triple leads than offline efforts.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube are the most used and common big sites which more than 70% B2B companies are using to acquire their determined goal. Dedicating special team for social media operations and drafting-implementing particular social media strategies have become a general practice for these B2B companies and their marketers. Let’s see how these BIG FOURs are being utilised by the marketers:

Facebook: More than 80 percent of B2B marketers are taking help of Facebook for spreading mindfulness about their products and services and promoting the same among a huge audience. Although FB is 3rd most used social media site by B2B companies but only one-third of them agrees with its effectiveness and efficiency in their marketing strategies.

LinkedIn: It is the most used platform for B2B companies as 80 percent of their business is growing just because of LinkedIn. LinkedIn has reported highest visitor-turned-lead conversion rate which is twice the rate of twitter and Facebook combined together. Almost half of the buyers consider the vendor’s LinkedIn profile for initiating the business deal.

Twitter: If 90 out of 100 B2B companies are using twitter, then 14 out of those 90 are getting leads from the social media platform. If facts are to be considered, then chances of generating leads via twitter are two times more than the chances of generating leads without using the same.

YouTube: two third of B2B marketers use YouTube to distribute their content. After LinkedIn and Twitter, YouTube is the third most effective and most used social media platform which generates business leads for B2B marketers.

When it comes to spending money on managing social media platforms, B2B marketers are expected to spend 15 percent of their total budget on handling social media operations. And an active presence on these social media platforms will ensure your effective-efficient online reputation management.

If you want to make a difference in your business and utilise all these sites well, then do the efforts or just hire an online reputation management professional like aReputation who will make this job way much easier for you.


2 thoughts on “Social Media tactics for B2B Corporate House

  1. I didn’t know if social media plays such a big role for B2B marketers. It’s a new knowledge for me. Well the facts that you provided comes out to be exactly opposite of what I used to think because YouTube was nowhere in my list.


  2. Seriously? And I thought it’s useful for only B2C segment. I mean I knew it, but didn’t know if it’s that effective for B2B as well.


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