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How new Google+ is beneficial for B2B Marketers

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Looking at the increasing trend of social media sites and people joining the same daily, Google takes part in the race and re-launches Google+ with new and improved features. Collections and Community being one of those improved features.

G+ for bussiness

As Google promises to give a better user experience as compared to other social media platforms, so here we will be talking about this new launch and its effective efficiency for the marketers in Business to Business sector. Let’s see how:

Concerns to be concerned about

As the features of “Collections” & “Communities” gathered more appreciation from the users, new Google+ focuses on and around these two features. In new design of Google+, these two features have been given priority on the dashboard which will work as an encouragement for the end-user to use them more and more.

Story behind the Community

Finding and Creating a Community in Google+ is an easy job now. Communities are meant for generic and specific discussions among like-minded people with a common area of interests. If you find a community where spreading your message seems possible, then well and good but if not, then you can consider the convenient option of creating your own community with an appropriate & striking description along with requisite rules and create engaging categories.

Worthy Google+

Communities and Collections can be valuable tools for Business to Business marketers if utilised well. There is no such social network platform which gathered appreciation with the first introduction only, people’s familiarity with social networks’ functions and capabilities, and appreciation for the platform increases with its constant use. Now time will tell rest of the story.

As Google+ brings opportunities to connect with the world and share similar interests, the chances for marketers increases as well. That is why giving a second thought on utilising the Google+, is not an option dear marketer. aReputation can help you to attain that goal which will enhance your online reputation management.


One thought on “How new Google+ is beneficial for B2B Marketers

  1. I was on Google+ but didn’t use it that much as I used other social networks. Seems like it’s time to use it again. Do I have to make another account for this revised version or the old one will also work?


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