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Pinterest and Keyword Research for adequate ORM

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Pinterest users explore the platform with the aim to buy and learn only, these pinners (as they usually pin likable and favourite items) are not search-friendly like common Google users.

On the other hand, Pinterest users can help you boost your business due to their double time spent on the web portal than an average social media platform. In short, Pinterest users can add value to your business and enhance your online reputation. Time to utilise your ORM strategies and target the bull’s eye by following these steps which will enhance your keyword research on Pinterest:

Explore topic: Pinterest has several categories to choose from and explores it further. Subcategories on Pinterest are the commonly related topic to the category. Be a part of the topic group if found suitable and keep a list of it along with the number of followers. It will give you a base to start discovering keyword phrases.

Quick search: the search tab of Pinterest works exact like Google’s, where auto-completing the phrase comes in the picture. It will give you popular pinners and popular boards around that topic.

Guided search: to make your search easier, use the Pinterest Guide Search which will give you results around your related topic groups. You can also save the keywords in order to keep a track of them and observe the overlapping of one word with the others to give you best suitable results with different combinations.

Use promoted Pins: to get the best result, try to find the pins with their popular form. You can also create a new ad from existing Pin and Pinterest gives you that opportunity.

Test your Pin: after creating an ad and saving relatable keywords for search purposes, you always need solid grounds to test your experiment and Pinterest provides you that opportunity as well.

Do not forget to mention these keywords on your Pinterest profile and create new boards by using these keywords. Try to add your keyword to your board description along with your profile name and profile description to make the searching process a smooth process for the researcher. Keep those keywords in mind while creating the blog around that topic. Use these keywords in headlines, topics, text and tag in photos if possible.


One thought on “Pinterest and Keyword Research for adequate ORM

  1. I love searching stuff on Pinterest and I usually get what all I want so this article makes a lot of sense to me.


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