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Social media listening tool comparison



Social media is the platform and a form of two-way communications, where advertisements and promotion of brands are equally praised and criticized, which certainly help those brands to work more on their online reputation management and marketing strategies all along.

Social media listening (SML) and social media monitoring (SMM) tools help you to find the ones talking about you and analyse their conversation which will ultimately help you to go beyond your own limits of expansion and growth. Now the question comes, how these SMM tools help the corporate houses in making their social media strategies effective and efficient. Well, it goes something like this:

Gives insight of social marketing

Social media analytics tools help the organisations in attaining the actual insights of social marketing in order to keep the latter one informed along using well-analysed communication plans.

Optimize ads and marketing plans

If social media monitoring and listening tools are utilised appropriately, then they can help the organisations in optimizing the designs of its marketing strategies which helps in drafting the advertisements and related campaigns, which are purely based on their clients’ requirements and insight.

Help in developing content

The proper utilization of SMM tools will help the organisations to develop such strategies for social content, which promotes the product and / or service of the organisation. These quality contents engage the existing customers along with the potential customers across all the social media channels where the brand is marking its presence.

The best social media listening tools are easily used by the organisations. Be it small or big, everybody is using these free of cost tools:

Google alerts: everybody is using it that is why everybody know about this alert tool which will notify you whenever your name is mentioned anywhere across the digital corridors of the internet.

TweetDeck: it offers you such tools which not only manage but also consolidate your social media accounts for better operation. Adding search column for scanning twitter real time will be another advantage.

Icerocket: it’s perfect tool for blog searches, which captures activities on twitter, facebook, flicker etc via Big Buzz option. You can use it smoothly without even registering your account.

Now you know what all tools and types of equipment you will need for shining against all the odds on social media, it’s time to sail the boat.

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4 thoughts on “Social media listening tool comparison

  1. Listening tools work like refining the work for you to focus most upon. And all the measure that you have mentioned here, my friend uses them all to remain in the competitive race. And they all help her to get not only benefits but new clients as well.


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  3. Listening tools help in executing other plans regarding online reputation management of a business in proper manner. And the ones you mentioned here area the very basic which every businessman utilises in order to make his/her business effective and efficient.


  4. Social media listening tools? I don’t know that these all have a category with such an interesting name. Well, I use two of these and will try my hands on Icerocket now.


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