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Make that first impression with your Online Presence


Make that first impression with your Online Presence

Whenever somebody wants to know more about you, they usually look up for your profile on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and sometimes Google, if you are more than average. The online reputation matters a lot in that case because who wants to ruin that first impression? Nobody, Right? So, follow these guidelines to mend things as per your suitability and hit it with the right strike.

Search your name: look for your name or your business’ if you want a reality check of your online reputation. You will be happy to see some and little embarrassed to see more, or vice versa or neutral. Well, that depends on certain factors. Now what you need to do, is erase the embarrassed items and highlight the achievements and best ones, which can easily attract audiences towards your profile or page. Work on your social media profiles the most because a potential employer and/ or buyer usually check out your product’s or service’s social media profiles to know the same, in a better way.

Fortify your online presence: now that you have found what all you need to mend, it’s time to work on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and all possible platforms where you have already marked your presence and cover the areas where you haven’t. Make sure you provide such content on those platforms which YOU want your audience to see so that they perceive a better reputation of your profile or business which can help them in taking the final decision in your favor. Sign up for better services which will help you to track your name being mentioned anywhere on the digital platform. Start with Google alerts which is free of cost and most used primary tool by businesses that are being run on the internet.

Go with it: it’s time to hit the road of success with all valuable facts and guidelines known and tested (make sure to test them as well before implementing). Keep one thing in mind, don’t post anything unless and until you seriously want it to go public.

You have the chance to leave an impactful first impression, so seize the opportunity.


2 thoughts on “Make that first impression with your Online Presence

  1. The first impression is certainly the last impression for a person and a business as well. Even i would not consider spending on a particular brand which includes inrequiste and unimpressive information about the same. That is why ORM is the need of the hour. Nice article.


  2. First impression certainly is last impression which nobody wants to ruin or spill some beans on it. And online reputation management strategies can help to keep it as it is.


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