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How Health Professionals can manage their Online Reputation cum Brand

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doctor brand healthIf you are a doctor or any health professional, answer honestly, would you let your prospect or regular customer see a marijuana leaf as your profile picture? Or let them see your recently updated photographs with friends in a party, where you are just hanging around and indulged in stuff, showing something more than an adult rated movie? If your answer to all these questions is No, then my dear friend, you understand the worth of online reputation.

Online reputation strategies and online reputation management are not only about monitoring a person’s reputations over the internet but it has vast scope beyond that. From working towards improving the online reputation to improving the ranking on search engines, aReputation is a mixed bag of everything. Many people have faced fall of the reputation because of such search engine results which nobody wants to pop up on the very first page of the same, or even second.

If you need the person, who is looking up for your name or your business’ name over the internet, to find a requisite result, you need to make sure that you feed them the apt information. How can you do that? By following these steps:

Keep an eye on uploads: people usually share their fun moments on the internet, especially social media, to tell the world what an epic night that was but you definitely don’t want your prospects to see that. Right? So just keep it in mind, what will your mother think if she comes across that picture of yours? That will definitely help!

Social media settings need another look: if you can’t tell your friends directly not to tag you in any picture without your permission or they don’t listen to the same request, all you need is just set your social media settings to such extent that nobody can do that without seeking your permission.

Use Google Alert: just set up one, so that whenever anybody mentions your name anywhere, you get to know about it and you can take certain action for that.

Show your good side: what you can actually do is set up some Facebook page for your business, set up an appropriate LinkedIn profile which the Google considers first, pin appropriate content on Pinterest profiles and what not. You can also start writing your own blog, where people can find relevant information regarding the certain topic or issue.
Utilise these steps to the fullest and build your own online reputation using these ORM strategies.


One thought on “How Health Professionals can manage their Online Reputation cum Brand

  1. Great ways to manage online reputation for health professionals. I’m sure even this field faces great threats of malicious rumors and need to keep a check on their online image.


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