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Press Release Strategy Tips



The Truth About PR

PR is often thought of as receiving press mentions. In other words, getting the media to write about your company. By the same token, some think PR is synonymous with marketing. Both of these definitions focus as much on the interests of the company as on the needs of the buyer.

How do you put the spotlight on your buyers?

By focusing your messaging and positioning in a way that means something to your prospects.

Ask yourself:

  1. When you’re on a sales call, what language engages your prospects?
  2. What challenges do your prospects face?
  3. What solutions can you offer to your prospects that will make their life easier?

Once you have a clearly defined message, it should be used across all channels to build your brand and position yourself in a way that will be useful to all your prospects. You don’t want your message to become diluted in a sea of industry jargon.

The truth is:

PR is the integration of earned, owned, shared, and paid media that focuses on the needs of the buyer.


How Do I Reach People by Integrating Earned Media Into My PR Strategy?

Let’s start by defining earned media.

Earned media is publicity gained from back links from reputable sites, word of mouth, online reviews, and blogger, press, and influencer relations. It is essentially a third-party endorsement of your brand.

Yeah, we all want some of that. So how do you get it? And how does it help you to reach people?

How to Get Some of That Earned Media

First and foremost, you must get noticed in outlets that your prospects are likely to read. This may include blog posts, trade journals, or even local newspapers. This takes hard work, patience, and dedication to the cause of using your industry knowledge to benefit others. We will do it for you if required.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Offer to be a source for reporters. This builds good relations.
  2. Be known as a gracious person. Give praise to others on social media when it is due them. Show appreciation for the hard work and effort others have put forth in helping to define your industry.
  3. Be a part of the online community. When others leave you feedback, make sure you respond in a timely way, and with grace and appreciation, even if the review is less than stellar.
  4. Engage with bloggers by leaving comments and following them on social media.
  5. Pitch newsworthy stories to journalists covering your industry. Give them everything they need for a slam-dunk story, including visuals, fact sheets, quotes, and a summary of your story that features the who, what, why, where, and when of your piece.

All of these suggestions place the focus on other people, while building your credibility and thought leadership. Is that good PR? You betcha!

How Do I Reach People by Integrating Owned Media Into My PR Strategy?

What is owned media?

Owned media is content that you create. It includes blog posts (Not a writer? Click here to find out how to fix that), videos, whitepapers, SlideShares, infographics, ebooks, case studies, and all the content featured on your website.

How to Reach People with Owned Media

The beauty of owned media is that you have complete control over the content. You also have the ability to define your target audience using keyword optimization. Every piece of content on your website should be optimized for search engines using keywords favorited by prospects seeking content about your industry.
In order to really reach prospects with owned media, you need to look at your website, not as a sales mecca, but as an invaluable resource for industry information.
Would you like to help entrepreneurs get a leg up? Create indispensable instructional videos. They’ll wonder what they ever did without you.

If fact, visual content, according to psychologist, Jerome Bruner, is far more engaging the written content.
He asserts that people remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read, and 80% of what they see and do.
Therefore, pumping up your owned media with visual content is crucial.
Not only does owned media focus on providing valuable content for your fans, but it’s a big, fat PR move.

How Do YOU Reach People by Integrating Paid Media Into Your PR Strategy?

The concept of paid media is pretty simple:

Paid media is media you have paid for. This includes Google Adwords, retargeting, and social media promotions.
Basically, paid media boosts the performance of your free, or owned media.

How Can I Use Paid Media without Looking Like a Used Car Salesman?

This one can be tricky. Misuse of paid media is one reason why PR can have a negative connotation. You don’t want to seem like the sleazy used car salesman who talks about your kids for ten minutes only to see if he can upsell you.
Paid media, in most cases, is best saved for last. If you’re using social media promotions, make sure you humanize them. Put a little humor in your ad, and, above all, make the value of your advertisement clearly evident. You want to have a good reason for interrupting your audiences’ normal feed.

How do I Reach People Using Shared Media?

Shared media primarily encompasses using social media to distribute valuable content, including your own.
Just because you have a Facebook page doesn’t mean you are reaching people with shared media. Rather, an effective integration of earned and shared media means that you are feeding buyers with a rich diet of content that’s regularly served up in an appealing way.
Typically speaking, Twitter is used for informational purposes. Is there breaking news about your industry? Do you wish to share your latest blog post with your fans? Twitter is the outlet for you.
However, if you wish to build community, start local dialog, or publicize a local event, Facebook is what you need.
LinkedIn is the go-to platform for B2B buyers who are seeking information, so make sure you publicize your content on that platform as well.
Sites like SlideShare, Instagram, and Pinterest are frontrunners for sharing visual content.

How to Develop an effective PR Strategy

Developing an Effective PR Strategy in an organic manner that actually gets results is no easy feat. It takes a lot of patience and effort. and it all starts with the know-how. Need some of that?

Check out how to bring your Digital PR back to life with the 90-Day Proof of Concept Program. In just three months, you’ll see how effective PR creates a strategy that gets you results. It’s an affordable way to kick the tires and get a leg up in PR. Afterwards, you take the reins or have us continue!

aReputation provides a 360° holistic treatment for businesses.


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