aReputation helps identify frauds and defamatory content in the digital universe that can hamper your business. The company monitors fake online reviews and complaints against your brand.

How Telcos could gain benefits from Online Reputation Management

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areputation-online-reputation-management-for-telecom-sectorThe telecom sector is getting broader and bigger by the day. And so are the people’s accusations, allegations, and adulations for telecom operators! Call drops, over charging, wrong connections… you name it, they have it. It is with all the major players − be it Internet suppliers, cell phone companies, phone companies − who have had their share of bad reputation online.

With so many consumer forums, ranting of customers about bad services can pose a big threat to telcos. Additionally, there are the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and those funny memes on the Web that can prove detrimental to any business. Not only can such content tarnish the reputation of tele-service companies, it can hurt the revenue in the long run.

Online Reputation Management or ORM can be the answer to repair the damage caused by humongous online negative reviews. ORM firms today have devised smart strategies to counter the barrage of salacious reviews that can either be the handiwork of rival companies or just the outburst of a pissed customer.

Dig and little deeper, and you are likely to find a vendetta against a company, rivals who leverage the Internet spread rumors. Either ways, the work is big, and something that only reputed and seasoned ORM professionals can tackle with!

Negative reviews are often found on websites that rank high in search engines, such as Google. And anybody doing a search with the business’ name can see them, the first thing that people talk about the company. Quite often, due to lack of knowledge about the impacts of a broken online image, many companies ignore the potential losses in sales, press coverage, and hiring ability that a damaged reputation can do. And this makes them more vulnerable than they can imagine.

Cleaning the image-hampering content from the Internet can be an expensive and tedious job if the companies decide to do it themselves. So it’s a good decision to involve ORM firms who can aid you with a professional team to spruce up online image.


One thought on “How Telcos could gain benefits from Online Reputation Management

  1. Thank you for sharing. Just wanted to know if ORM services at industry specific or do you work with the F&B sector also?


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