aReputation helps identify frauds and defamatory content in the digital universe that can hamper your business. The company monitors fake online reviews and complaints against your brand.

About Us

In this day and age of the all-pervasive Internet, when all it requires is a quick Google search to discover comprehensive and wide-ranging date about all and sundry, online reputation management must be considered an absolute necessity. We, at aReputation, understand this modern-day need like no one else does! aReputation has spearheaded the online reputation management and Internet privacy services for a long time now and continues to develop fresh and ground-breaking tools to help our clientele defend their treasured and well-deserved prestige online.aReputation is the Internet Defamation and Reputation Defense division of  Group of companies, the third largest global Security & Investigation company based out of Asia. Originally fashioned to cater to internal needs in 2006, aReputation has now assisted over 7800 clients, ranging from individuals to celebrities, lawyers, doctors, small businesses and large corporations across four continents.

We believe that dealing with cyber and investigative matters is much broader than technology firms alone can handle. Having investigation, cyber intelligence and legal mechanisms as part of our central team has allowed us to crack issues for clients who had been struggling with other recognized firms for months together… in vain.We have a very precise reason for our existence online – to combat scandalmongers of slander on the internet who deceitfully malign the reputation of individuals and businesses.We are committed to help victims of libel and cyber-crimes that has, regrettably, become a daily phenomenon.

aReputation dedicated and steadfast team of cyber investigators and Internet forensic personnel has suitable backgrounds. Their credentials speak volumes and instill confidence in our valued customers. They come from ex-law enforcement agencies, certified Pen Testing Engineers, certified digital forensic engineers, counter-hacking and digital forensic and SEO specialists – all in-house, serving your needs under one roof.

As ex-law enforcement and licensed private investigators, we have established a robust network of defamation lawyers and law enforcement agencies nationwide. We help victims track down anonymous online attackers and to help them repair their personal and corporate brands from malicious defamatory and criminal attacks. Certified penetration testers come in handy when other techniques fail. Our relationships, both social and commercial, with website publishers worldwide also help us serve our customers better.


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