aReputation helps identify frauds and defamatory content in the digital universe that can hamper your business. The company monitors fake online reviews and complaints against your brand.

aReputation : Celebrity




A celebrity is perhaps somebody who is most afflicted by an unscrupulous reputation. The sensationalistic, tabloid-obsessed culture, with the paparazzi lurking in the shadows to catch you unawares, it is imperative that you arrest this bad-mouthing and nip it in the bud. There will always be someone who is an expert at turning every anthill into a mountain, someone who gets a thrill out of conceiving juicy tidbits for the online readers.

A celebrity is always in the spotlight but there are times when that focus is a little too bright and inconvenient. Celebrities often find themselves in embarrassing situations, mostly unwittingly. There are bloopers that happen, and happen in public. Mistakes do happen and when they do, there are always those around who take pleasure in posting the gaffes online for the pleasure of many. It sullies your status and ruins everything that you have earned.

If you are a movie star or a sportsperson, you will have fans. And you would not like them to see you in a compromised situation or come across a heap of negative press. The best way to avoid this is to make sure you do not land up in such state. But even if you have a clean slate and are charitable and are an image of goodwill, there will be detractors, jealous people ever-ready to pounce on you through blogs and online reviews.

And it takes only seconds to turn everything upside down. The credibility you have constructed through sweat and blood over the years is constantly under the menace of a few malicious people. But there is hope, yes!

It is vital to control not only your off-line reputation through papers, TV and magazines, but also your online reputation. Celebrity reputation management is as critical as a publicist, agent, actor, or manager. Through social media, blogs, and any other readily accessible online forum, anyone can write anything about you and spread false information, tarnishing your brand and jeopardizing your reputation.

At aReputation, we are committed to develop a distinct, customized approach for your online reputation management campaign, through all-encompassing investigation and identification of negative profile-raising. Our team will form a unique strategy that best suits your interests and goals, and implement the most aggressive methods and practices throughout our ongoing process. We diligently review and monitor your results for steady advancement, and address any changes or adjustments that will benefit your campaign.

Reputation is a powerful commodity. Public figures know that entire industries and revenue streams are built on the basis of the public’s perception.

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