aReputation helps identify frauds and defamatory content in the digital universe that can hamper your business. The company monitors fake online reviews and complaints against your brand.

aReputation : Ecommerce Marketing


It’s essential to make an effort to safeguard your online reputation when you fire up an MLM company–especially since the direct selling industry is routinely besieged by people standing by to call ‘scam’ at the drop of a hat.Your reputation will always be in a very fragile state since anybody can say whatever they want online. Negative reviews and blog posts float around on a minute-to-minute basis without you getting even a hint. It is the flip side of the miracle called the Internet. Naturally, if the flow of negative substance is in abundance, it is likely to feature at the top of Google search. Need we say what effect it could have on the prospective customers? They will steer clear of your product because the online medium is very influential. It can make or break one’s business. People are swayed by what’s written online and they base their decisions on the very same.

Remember, even before you embark on selling your first product or holding your first prospective meeting, you need to give your online reputation a good thought. This is what will determine how new prospects perceive your company and what publicity you get in the press.If you are not keen on finding out what the others are saying about your business online, if you fail to keep an eye on it, rest assured, you are doing it at your own peril! Experiencing a bolt from the blue is not a good feeling. A good reputation builds buoyancy and enhances sales; which ultimately leads to better revenues and higher commercial prosperity. A good reputation is also an effective entry barrier to most competitors. In today’s Internet era, erroneous & malicious gossip, rumors and unfair opinions can and does spread like wild fire. Negative news can easily compound problems and if not tackled in time, the damage can be irrevocable.

Thanks to the growing popularity of consumer-generated media sites (blogs, forum, and message boards), general public can quickly receive the latest news and express their views which could decide the future of your brand. Internet savvy consumer trusts opinions published on these sites and also base their purchase decisions on these reviews. For example, online shopping sites have benefited by publishing real customer feedback and product ratings to boost sales and build trust. Similarly, employees, and brand evangelists can easily leverage their personal expertise to enrich online reputation management by beginning useful discussion threads and enlisting support of the online community to any new product/service launch.They can then use the same media to gauge customer feedback to effect changes as desired by the vast majority of users. Online reputation management can also be effectively used to repair any brand damage due to some unforeseen events. And this becomes more important for ecommerce and online shopping/mlm companies as they use internet as the sole medium of sales and marketing.

Online reputation management is an integral and fundamental element of your corporate PR strategy. It is imperative that you work on it on a daily basis. If you can get the pieces in place when you get started, chances are you’ll be in a much better shape to handle any threats to your online reputation. In fact, with the right effort and our guidance, you may never see a negative review or blog post on the first page of a Google search.aReputation is a specialist in reputation repair and online reputation management of ecommerce and mlm businesses. Please fill the inquiry form to receive free consultation.


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