aReputation helps identify frauds and defamatory content in the digital universe that can hamper your business. The company monitors fake online reviews and complaints against your brand.



Every day, countless new product and service ideas are conceived–never to be born because they’re not properly brought to market. When a company launches a new product or service, many launches experience diminished value and ROI. As a business grows the question of the introducing new products/services arises. Launching new products/services means taking risks and managing change. Growth and change must be managed at the same time as ongoing business operations. We deliver only after deep research of the brand and the market. To make new launch a success, we first understand in depth:

  • Studying your competition
  • Targeting the ideal customer
  • Creating a unique value proposition
  • Defining marketing strategy and tactics
  • Testing your concept and marketing approach
  • Rolling out your campaign

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