aReputation helps identify frauds and defamatory content in the digital universe that can hamper your business. The company monitors fake online reviews and complaints against your brand.


aMonitor – Track Your Search Engine And Social Network Presence

Even as you read this, people are talking about you and your company! And you wouldn’t even know. Blogging and social networking has dramatically altered the complexion and the way people interconnect.This sensation was initiated when off-the-cuff internet users discovered this wonderful way to divulge their opinions online and get feedback from anyone, anywhere. This sparked off a new line of interaction between the blogger and the reader. With twitter and friend feed coming rolling in, online interface progressed to the next level. You don’t need a blog to be part of the conversation; heck, you don’t even need a computer. Grab a mobile device and game on!

With so much happening online, it’s critical to keep a tab on what people are saying about you and the topics you care about. Is your name or something associated with your name being mentioned in a dubious way? Even the corporate world has begun taking online reputation of candidates seriously. HR managers of many firms now do a Google/Facebook/LinkedIn search for a candidate’s name before hiring them. Unfortunately, negative comments have a nasty habit of ranking higher and spreading faster than all the good things people have to say about you and your business. Upset a customer and their views are all over the web quicker than you can type ‘Brand X really sucks.’

Our online reputation management service monitors the virtual conversation and helps reduce the impact and visibility of negative search results by creating and promoting positive messages about your business. We use our own software, developed in-house, which searches the blogosphere for comments, articles, posts and tweets and collates them into an easy-to-view console. Then we use our impact factor tool to quickly work out whose comments are influential and what issues need to be addressed.

Of course, this also gives you an opportunity to turn a detractor into a fan.


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