aReputation helps identify frauds and defamatory content in the digital universe that can hamper your business. The company monitors fake online reviews and complaints against your brand.

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Stop Relying too much on Digital PR Strategy

digital PR




Businesses require a balance of both offline and online presence to make their mark in the markets. When the world started turning to digital technology, businesses too switched from traditional PR to digital PR. However, maintaining a balance between the two techniques is the fundamental way to success.PR or Public Relations is all about the kind of market image you build for your brand.  Exhibiting a true and positive image is important for the progress of your business in the long run.


Social media is the perfect space for building public relations. It is also a space that demands meaningful user engagement. However, the interaction means more than just publishing a few Tweets and Facebook posts on social media platforms. The engagement, if done strategically, helps build brand awareness amongst mass audiences leading to a continuous flow of traffic on your website, resulting in increased revenues.

Some tips to increase the impact of your digital PR techniques and to balance them with traditional PR techniques.
1. Track Your Target Audience On Social Network: Social media is not going to do everything on its own; you need to provide your input. Use the platform as a tool to research target audience and monitor their activities and interests. By understanding the pattern of their interests and recent activities, you can easily plan effective targeting strategies.
2. Develop Influential Business Relationships: All skilled influencers are today active on social media. They are expanding their reachability with the medium of web and it connects your brand to their mass audience.
3. Use Your Content as an Outreach Tool: Nothing makes a better impact than a well-written content. If a video goes viral, it is not because who published it but what was published in it; the content. Use the word power wisely to attain the mixed benefits from the traditional and digital PR.
According to a recently conducted IBM survey, more than 70% of online users expressed not being ‘impressed’ by experiencing virtual reality. Striking the right balance between Digital and Traditional PR is the key to achieve desired results and online presence successfully as planned.


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Top 3 Reasons why Real Estate Developers need Social Media

real-estateMore and more people are using the Internet to look for new properties in the real estate world. Only a few years ago, people looked up properties online on a computer, took a map, and drove out to see a potential home.

But  technology has changed the entire way the real estate world functions now. The Digital Revolution has made it a highly competitive business. Today, people consider or discard property options with just a swipe on their smartphones.

If you’re a real estate agent or developer, having social media presence is crucial. Else, your competitors might just  sail ahead, while you keep waiting for that prospective buyer.

aReputation, a leading digital wellness company, discusses the three top benefits of Online Reputation Management (ORM) that a real estate business can attain.

  1. Stay up-to-date: Since most people look for properties online, it gets easier to find out the likes and dislikes of Having an idea about what your client’s preferences is definitely an  added advantage.
  2. Grow your brand: Branding your realtor company is a must. You have to set yourself apart from your competitors and rivals. There’s a reason why successful real estate companies shell out money for branding.
  3. Educate your clients: Dealing with the innocence and ignorance of clients can be painful. Adding tools like calculators, loan information mortgage, home buyer tips and access to MLS listings will up the value of your website.

Building a relationship with your client is imperative in today’s competitive world. This can be done by staying relevant to your area of expertise. Creating your own website is not enough. You need social media presence to gauge growth and development.

Get in touch with a reputed ORM company and let your business go boom!

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Get rid of every useless to least used content on your Social Media Portals

That is good if you are utilising Social Media sites to their fullest and getting adequate results too but do you ever considered that some unrequited content or photo or anything else, is just consuming your space and simply space? Well, it’s time to clean up some space on your social media portals to keep everything managed and easy to observe for your audience.

Reassess your objective: in order to do that, you need to analyse your existing social media strategies, whether they are working for your business, in a desirable manner you want it to fetch you results and all the other features. This analysis will help you to evaluate your business’ aim and objective, which will eventually lead towards your success.

Social Media Audit: whenever a new feature gets added to social media portal, you utilise the same to remain updated and keep your audience up to date as well. Then you create a new account, which becomes your viable social media presences. Make sure that your online reputation management strategies are utilised well to give you requisite results of your choice.

Classify your audience: define your target audience and divide it in order to reach the segments in a different manner, if required. It will eventually enlighten your path regarding social media strategies so that you keep moving forward.

Renew your Social Assets: the following can be a part of your renewing process-

  • General info: just go through your About Us page, Career column, Contact Us portal and everything that makes your user experience more convenient.
  • Background and pictures: give a refreshing look to your social media page, so that people may know that they will be receiving state-of-the-art services because the service provider itself remains up-to-date.

Now you know how to keep things clean and picture all clear, make sure you utilise everything best of everything. You may consult aReputation, an online reputation management consultancy which becomes your digital solution partner at every step.

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aReputation: Online Reputation Management and Digital PR Firm

aReputation reclaims and controls your online reputation, safeguarding it from negative reviews and malicious complaints & converts your company’s worst experience into best. Appin Technology Lab | Atl

areputation prezi

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SEO Strategies need to follow

With every passing Google algorithm update, it gets harder and harder to cheat the system. If your goal in the coming year is to get results at any cost through black hat tactics, you’re in for a rude awakening. We have finally arrived in a time where quality surpasses quantity by a landslide. Quality content that searchers love has become the prerequisite for search rankings and anything less will feel the wrath of Google’s penalty.
In this post, there are SEO trends, predictions for the coming year, and how you can do it:

1. Social signals ranking you higher in search results
After seeing sources like Mashable and Business Insider conclude that Google+ has failed, it seems like Google has given authority back to social signals. So the more your website is mentioned on social platforms, the more likely your website will rank in search results.
Although we don’t know the full implications of this yet since it’s fairly new, I’ve begun seeing hints confirming this is true.

2. Link disavowing
If you keep hitting walls with your SEO results (with strategies that should be working), it might be an ugly past haunting you. Many of the blackhat techniques and old school tactics from the early days of SEO are no longer relevant.
For your current SEO results to succeed, one strategy is to remove spammy, artificial, or low-quality links to your website with link disavowing. This strategy removes links that are damaging your credibility with Google’s algorithm.

3. Replace inactive links with active links for sites in your industry
This is a great way to help other people with SEO, and grow backlinks to your own website.
Here’s the three step process:
1. Use the dead link checker to find broken links on websites relevant to your market
2. Let them know about the broken links via email
3. Suggest they replace the broken links with your active link

4. Co-citation
Co-citation is like link building without link building. It sounds weird, I know.
According to Kissmetrics, “Co-citation is when one website or brand is mentioned (not linked) by two different sources.” Or you can think of it like families who talk about other families in a neighborhood. Google is paying attention to family A’s conversation about family’s B and C even though B and C don’t know each other. These mentions are used as a ranking factor, even though there’s no direct link.

5. SEO Audits
Check your SEO score with WooRank. If it’s low, there’s a good chance the site will give you tasks like “Create and configure your robots.txt file” or “Optimize your site speed performance.” This is the new standard.
I’m not talking about just title tag and meta descriptions, but the minification of Javascript, CSS, heat maps and much more. All these techniques will help your website operate more efficiently (and we all know how much Google loves efficiency).
If you are fixing an older website or building a new website from scratch, invest in a developer who can do the job right. The process is only going to get more technical so don’t cheap out because you will end up paying for it in the long run.

6. The Skyscraper Method
The Skyscraper Method is finding the biggest content skyscraper that exists, and building a skyscraper that’s bigger, better, and irresistible to link to.

Follow these steps to try The Skyscraper Method for yourself:
1. Find content being linked to by sites with a ton of domain authority. You can use Site Explorer to do this.
2. Make content that’s better, longer, or more thorough.
3. Reach out to the same bloggers that linked to the original articles you researched, and share your newly created content.
4. Rake in the traffic and place yourself as the leader in the industry.
Living in an age of sharing, acquiring backlinks is not only hard, but it’s like doing SEO blindfolded. You have the power to win backlinks with The Skyscraper Method.

7. Link to other leaders in the game
Link to popular content creators in your industry, and then message them to let them know without asking for anything in return. I suggest making this 10-20% of your monthly efforts. Think of it as an SEO tax.
Not only does this help you build your community, it’ll put you on the radar of other content creators who may link to you in the future.

8. Research
No SEO strategy matters without research. If you are implementing more than you are researching, it’s time to go back to the drawing board and make sure you’re heading in the right direction.

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Why Is Mobile Marketing Getting The Edge?

For anyone who is serious about growing the online side of their business, it’s imperative that they consider Mobile Marketing. Over the past few years the growth in mobile smart phone usage has been nothing less than astronomical. Just to put this into perspective, in a recent info-graphic published by Microsoft Tag, it states that out of the 4 billion mobile phones in the world today, over one quarter (or 1.08 billion) of these are smart phones. The report goes on to say that 50% of mobile phone users readily use their devices daily in order to access the internet.

When we carried out our own tests here at across client sites, it was found that up to 28% of visitors were accessing it via a mobile device. These figures are only set to grow and are in accordance with recent figures published by Their findings state that over the last two years (2010-2012) the mobile share of web traffic has increased by 162% with the biggest increases coming from Asia and Europe, showing growth of 192% and 183% respectively.

So this begs the question…why are more people accessing the internet via hand held devices and what are the Mobile Marketing opportunities?

The first thing to mention is the growing number of public wi-fi hotspots. These make it very convenient for people to log on to the World Wide Web when they are out and about. In addition, according to the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDDM), they state that people can now benefit considerably from much lower data charges by signing up to plans that allow fixed-rate data packages. Finally Smart phone companies are continually developing faster processing power and bigger touch screens on their models. This means that users can inevitably carry out tasks on their mobile phones far more efficiently and conveniently than they would their PC or laptop.

So when it comes to Mobile Marketing, why has it got the edge over more traditional online marketing methods? Aside from the obvious fact that more people are accessing the internet via their mobile devices, here are some other reasons that a business may want to consider mobile marketing as a serious option.

Geo-targeted advertising
One of the new exiting ways that mobile marketing can attract customers is by using geo-targeted information. Many phones have GPS services which means that your phone knows exactly where it is at any given time. Using this information, marketers can deliver laser targeted advertising pertaining to local products and services. For instance, if you’re about to walk into a department store, it can be set up so that you can receive adverts relating to special offers within that store. Or alternatively marketers can give you information on offers pertaining to your localised area.

In phone facilities
As technology gets better and better, phones are more geared up to receiving mobile marketing information. With the introduction of QR codes and bar code scanners, customers can walk into a store, scan the product into their phone and look for product reviews, best prices, and even best competitive offers in order to help them make an informed buying decision. For advertisers and consumers alike, sending and receiving media in this way is far more convenient and easier than it would be via a PC or laptop.

Consumers wallet/retailers store front
The growth of E-commerce makes it far easier now in mobile marketing to advertise products via mobile phone. With the introduction of mobile coupons offering special offers, time and location based deals and push notifications, not to mention mobile technology swipe and pay facilities, mobile devices are fast becoming the consumer’s wallet as well as the advertisers store front.

It is fair to say that mobile marketing is still in its infancy and we really are only at the tip of the iceberg. As the technology builds, so will the marketing strategies. So as a business you have to ask yourself the question. can you really afford not to employ mobile marketing strategies? Even if you only have a small business, there are marketing methods that you can use that can open your goods and services up to a whole new client base.

Contact us today for more information on Mobile Marketing and how we can help.


Make that first impression with your Online Presence

Make that first impression with your Online Presence

Whenever somebody wants to know more about you, they usually look up for your profile on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and sometimes Google, if you are more than average. The online reputation matters a lot in that case because who wants to ruin that first impression? Nobody, Right? So, follow these guidelines to mend things as per your suitability and hit it with the right strike.

Search your name: look for your name or your business’ if you want a reality check of your online reputation. You will be happy to see some and little embarrassed to see more, or vice versa or neutral. Well, that depends on certain factors. Now what you need to do, is erase the embarrassed items and highlight the achievements and best ones, which can easily attract audiences towards your profile or page. Work on your social media profiles the most because a potential employer and/ or buyer usually check out your product’s or service’s social media profiles to know the same, in a better way.

Fortify your online presence: now that you have found what all you need to mend, it’s time to work on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and all possible platforms where you have already marked your presence and cover the areas where you haven’t. Make sure you provide such content on those platforms which YOU want your audience to see so that they perceive a better reputation of your profile or business which can help them in taking the final decision in your favor. Sign up for better services which will help you to track your name being mentioned anywhere on the digital platform. Start with Google alerts which is free of cost and most used primary tool by businesses that are being run on the internet.

Go with it: it’s time to hit the road of success with all valuable facts and guidelines known and tested (make sure to test them as well before implementing). Keep one thing in mind, don’t post anything unless and until you seriously want it to go public.

You have the chance to leave an impactful first impression, so seize the opportunity.