aReputation helps identify frauds and defamatory content in the digital universe that can hamper your business. The company monitors fake online reviews and complaints against your brand.

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Healthcare Industry Needs ORM Doctors For A Healthy Digital Reputation

A good reputation helps build trust between the service providers and consumers. One can compromise on their comfort but not their lives. Medical practitioners are more likely to lose business because of a bad reputation as compared to any other industry. Dealing with people’s lives makes it necessary for healthcare professionals to maintain a flawless reputation. Consequently, online reputation management becomes greatly valuable for doctors, physicians, hospitals, medical institutions, and private clinics. aReputation is a name you can bank upon to conduct the ORM of a person or a brand.reputation-management-doctorOnline surveys reveal that more than 62% people refer to online reviews about a doctor before choosing his services and 19% use online feedbacks as a method to evaluate a doctor’s worth. Meanwhile, 44% would prefer changing their healthcare specialist depending on the reviews about other doctors.

Healthcare sector is vulnerable to acts of defamation because a large number of users rely on online reviews to evaluate its services. Though most of these reviews are posted by genuine users, but there is a high chance of a brand losing its reputation to the fake reviews posted by its competitors.

There are a number of things that a patient can be outraged about, extended bills, delayed reports, unhygienic hospital premises, inconvenient stay, or other such instances. You need to fix an immediate appointment with the best ORM doctor if your digital health is suffering from online slaughter.

3 Steps to Accomplish Good ORM for Healthcare

  1. Monitor Client Reviews: Improvement is impossible if you are unaware and awareness about a subject matter is achievable through monitoring. Reputation management experts study what users say about healthcare specialists or an individual, to monitor their online reputation.
  2. Manage Negative Remarks: Positive reviews are unable to pull in as much user attention as the negative remarks do. However, the impact of bad feedback also remains negative, making it difficult to scale the brand or person. Therefore, managing negative remarks is a necessary step to reduce the impact.
  3. Share Positive Feedbacks: Managing defamatory remarks is not enough to lower its impact on the reputation of a healthcare specialist. You need to rebuild the reputation, which requires balancing the negative feedbacks with a set of positive ones. 


aReputation is a brand management firm that takes care of individual and business reputation with the best in class techniques. All the essential techniques of brand reputation repair and management are undertaken in order to rebuild the lost reputation of a brand right from the scratch.


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Is Your Reputation going downhill? Get Help from Online Reputation Repair Experts


Any business, big or small, can be affected by bad online reputation. Notwithstanding the size and nature of a brand, bad ORM can demolish hard-earned reputation in a matter of few days. But all hopes are not lost. An Internet reputation management firm brings in a lot of difference while implementing techniques that repair your damaged online reputation. Professional ORM companies can stall the damage, and repair it. One such ORM firm, aReputation is reputed for tackling such matters.

aReputation Repair service, offered by this company, excels in fixing the decline in business.

How Does Online Reputation Repair Firms Help?

It is important for your online reputation to be handled by an expert instead of a novice who knows little about monitoring the target areas and fixing them. Companies generally do not have ample amount of resources to manage and repair their own online reputation issues. Dedicated ORM firms have a greater potential to serve success rate for your online reputation repair because of the following facts:

  1. They have worked with a number of clients from different industry which gives them better exposure to understand varied business levels.
  2. They have studied defamation cases of various intensity levels which gives them the expertise to fix yours with suitable repair techniques.

Moreover, online reputation management firms provide positive links that can counter defamatory content along with the removal of negative information or comments. Their exposure to diverse situation makes them capable of quickly understand the ratio of damage to your reputation and fix it accordingly.

In-house departments may fail to do so, owing to their limited exposure to different industries, clients, and situations as compared to a firm that dedicatedly deals in Online Reputation Management. aReputation helps manage and maintain online reputation for firms that have either completely lost it or are on the verge of losing it.

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Don’t let your business suffer from cyber bullies. Seek help from ORM companies


Online reputation is fragile. What the media or people say about you or your company is what makes or breaks your reputation. Arguably then, having positive reviews and comments about a brand goes a long way in establishing a positive image. But what if someone with an agenda, goes around telling blatant lies about your business?

A few malignant reviews or a handful of biased articles can mar reputation forever, and such damage is impossible to repair without professional assistance. This is where the online reputation management (ORM) companies step in: to set things straight. ORMs take on cyber bullies or online attackers, and work on restoring names that have been sullied by them.

Cyber-bullying has become a monster in the digital cosmos. While posting fake articles with personal vendetta doesn’t take too much of courage, cleaning a name from such malice can be a lengthy and a tiresome process. The process of looking for the perpetrators can also get very frustrating. Stringent laws and rules have not been able to contain cyber-bullying. This is the reason why even small online footprints need vigilance when it comes to online reputations.

Click-bait titles prove detrimental too. Businesses are hit by such content floating on the Internet. Blame it on yellow journalism articles with exaggeration go overboard with a view to grab more eyeballs. Such click-bait headlines have more potential to become viral when shared across social media platforms. It disseminates misinformation and spreads a bad reputation quicker than an innocent person can spread the truth.

ORMs like aReputation do the job of protecting not only online reputation of businesses and entities, but also constantly monitoring the Internet. Cyber bullies don’t have a chance to perpetrate when professionals like this are on the guard.

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How Telcos could gain benefits from Online Reputation Management

areputation-online-reputation-management-for-telecom-sectorThe telecom sector is getting broader and bigger by the day. And so are the people’s accusations, allegations, and adulations for telecom operators! Call drops, over charging, wrong connections… you name it, they have it. It is with all the major players − be it Internet suppliers, cell phone companies, phone companies − who have had their share of bad reputation online.

With so many consumer forums, ranting of customers about bad services can pose a big threat to telcos. Additionally, there are the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and those funny memes on the Web that can prove detrimental to any business. Not only can such content tarnish the reputation of tele-service companies, it can hurt the revenue in the long run.

Online Reputation Management or ORM can be the answer to repair the damage caused by humongous online negative reviews. ORM firms today have devised smart strategies to counter the barrage of salacious reviews that can either be the handiwork of rival companies or just the outburst of a pissed customer.

Dig and little deeper, and you are likely to find a vendetta against a company, rivals who leverage the Internet spread rumors. Either ways, the work is big, and something that only reputed and seasoned ORM professionals can tackle with!

Negative reviews are often found on websites that rank high in search engines, such as Google. And anybody doing a search with the business’ name can see them, the first thing that people talk about the company. Quite often, due to lack of knowledge about the impacts of a broken online image, many companies ignore the potential losses in sales, press coverage, and hiring ability that a damaged reputation can do. And this makes them more vulnerable than they can imagine.

Cleaning the image-hampering content from the Internet can be an expensive and tedious job if the companies decide to do it themselves. So it’s a good decision to involve ORM firms who can aid you with a professional team to spruce up online image.

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Negative reviews can harm your restaurant’s reputation. Act before it snowballs into failure


A study says over 85% of people look up your restaurant’s reputation on Google before turning up at your eatery’s door. Online Reputation Management (ORM) can work wonders for a restaurant.  ORM, in this age of online social media, works as a driving force in maintaining the reputation of eateries, both big and small. It works just like word-of-mouth publicity, but in the digital space.

From cold food to lack of ambience, from burly waiters to stingy portions, from dirty toilets to cold managers, customers are likely to vent out their frustrations on the Internet in the form of reviews. And you could do nothing about it, except may be sitting duck, and waiting for a miracle.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the fate of your business depends on what customers write about your restaurant. Many understand the importance of reputation management to improve their online reputation.

While most restaurants would pour money to get slick advertorials and flashy marketing campaigns, many would forget that building the right reputation is vital too. They would overlook ORM as a part of a comprehensive restaurant marketing plan.

It takes substantially more time and effort to build clean reputation, while it takes just a few minutes to destroy it with malicious reviews. What ORM experts do is they ensure your restaurant’s image remains positive by continuously tracking negative surveys.

aReputation, a leading digital wellness partner is Asia, helps businesses (including restaurants) to maintain their restaurant’s online reputation with the help of Internet tools and social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.

aReputation, based in New Delhi, offers 360-degree holistic solution that collect and study the pattern of increasingly important online reviews and social media content about your restaurant. The approach ensures you get the best semantic analysis that can help you build your strategies, based on what your customers prefer, and how!

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Study says 90% of business representatives rate online traveler reviews. Is your hotel ready to take the challenge?

online reputation management for hotel.jpgYoung people are highly influenced by online and media content, according to Trip Barometer 2016, a study on travel trends by TripAdvisor. The report also says one-third of travelers will increase their travel spend in 2016. Going by the study, it is important to maintain a healthy online reputation for  and other hospitality businesses in this fast Digital Age.

A happy guest’s review can be turned into a valuable marketing tool. Also, reviews are crucial for any hospitality business, because it lends a solid social credibility, and sways people’s perception and ultimately, decision-making.

The report also says more than 90% of business representatives rated online traveler reviews, repeated business and increased direct bookings of hotels. This is why hoteliers should be considering Online Reputation Management (ORM) as a crucial business improvement tool. ORM can help you manage your hotel’s online reviews, ratings and even stray negative comments floating in the cyber space.

Also, ORM will furbish you an overall view of how your business appears on the Internet – and render an understanding of how negative content about your brand can hamper your business. Armed with all this vital information, you can form strategies to better your brand’s reputation.

Thanks to the Internet, people no longer physically call up a hotel or an eatery to know about its services. Increased number of public review forums and social media platforms allow people to post their opinions, ratings or reviews on anything − be it food, stay, ambience or just the behavior of the staff. They simply look up about the place on the Internet, before finalizing on a travel plan or deciding on a vacation.

People value opinions of other travelers, those who have been to the place before. So no matter how much you spend on improved marketing strategies, if your brand has a lot of negative online feedback, chances are, prospective travelers will give your hotel a miss.

A responsible ORM company will enable hoteliers to track positive reviews, and also disburse positive feedback in the best possible way. aReputation, Asia’s leading Digital Wellness Partner, ensures that its client’s reputation remains free from such vulnerabilities.

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Vigilint: The Social Media Analytics Watchdog

A social media analytics company integrates social media and business metrics into a single, broader dimension. They organize and decipher data from social media platforms for an organization. Formulation of an effective business strategy for that client is made easier. A social media analytics company is responsible for the comprehension social media conversations all over the world. But to keep doing it effortlessly and smartly, one needs to weaponize this process. A tool is needed that offers not just vigilance, but helps taking initiatives as well.

aReputation, an online reputation management organization, proudly announces Vigilint. It’s a social media analytics tool that acts as a watchdog for your social media metrics. This analysis and measurement platform caters to the need of advanced analytics for companies of all sizes. It also provides live streamed keyword monitoring from social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more.

Vigilint delivers an easy-to-understand report without much effort involved from the user’s side. The report includes content performance as well as audience chatter. This makes it simpler for the user to evaluate the content reach and the level of audience engagement. Vigilint also boasts message scheduling, peak social media activity prediction and analysis of historical trends. All of these are packaged in an intelligent and automated system.

The social media analytics market is predicted to grow from $1.6 billion presently to $5.4 billion in five years. Vigilint may prove to be a game-changing software as it keeps social media on the finger tips of its users.