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Facebook Stories: Another Snapchat-like Upgrade Parading the Social Media Block

A lot of us woke up to a new Facebook this morning. The popular social networking platform rolled out a new feature that may not be so ‘new’ to us after all. ‘Facebook Stories’ is the latest Snapchat-like adaptation rolled out by the social network on its official application. Even if you’ve never been a Snapchat user, there are high chances that you are still familiar with the feature. A lot of other services owned by Facebook have this feature like Instagram, Whatsapp, and FB Messenger.

facebook story

Facebook Stories might probably have a slightly different look as compared to other applications flaunting the same feature. If you haven’t yet seen this option right above your status bar then that’s because not everyone has it yet, but very soon they will.

A major difference between the stories featured by Facebook and other apps is that, the latter lets you add filters/emoji’s after you have taken a picture or a video. Meanwhile, Facebook Stories lets you add the animated filters before you record videos or click pictures. Comparatively, a larger variety of filters and skins are provided in the Facebook update that you may not get in Snapchat. On the contrary, you cannot add emoji or stickers on your story afterwards, but only add text or scribble on them. Here is a glance at some of the features in Facebook Stories:

  • Videos can be of 20 seconds’ duration
  • Save stories to your camera’s roll
  • ‘Direct’ stories can be replayed
  • Choose your audience with privacy options
  • See who has seen your stories

Officially, the Stories feature by Facebook was made available from the March 28, but not to everyone at the same time. In order to perform a cross check, log off your application and probably when you log back in, the application may have updated to the upgrade. Still not seeing the update on your feed may just be a sign that you have to wait a little more than others until the feature is updated on your device.



Everything “social” you need to know | from Facebook Live to Twitter Button

Some more jewels added to the Digital World, as the social media giants, Facebook and Twitter have something to offer, which everybody can enjoy. A live example is a recent increase in the earnings of Facebook, with which it recently defeated Twitter for streaming live videos.

Facebook Enhances Live with Major New Features

Facebook ‘Live’ offers the features like going live with specific groups, more interactive features and tackle free ways to explore every dimension of live videos. One qualitative feature that would like to bring your attention towards is a dedicated video hub’s introduction on mobile phone facebook app as well, which will replace your messenger spot once you update the recent version. It will help you to categorize all the videos by topics. Event videos, group videos, live reactions and topic tagging are other following features of Facebook Live.

Social media analysts and experts are considering Facebook Live as a major threat to Periscope and something to hurt Snapchat a little bit.

Twitter Gets Thursday Night NFL Game Streaming & New Button for DMs

Now coming to Twitter, which recently secured a huge deal with National Football League (NFL) for streaming live videos of Thursday Night Football, without any authentication, to all the registered and non-registered users across the globe at no cost.


Besides free TNF video streaming, twitter added a new button for Android and iOS users’ convenient and smooth experience. With the added button, twitter account handlers would be able to share tweets privately in order to continue their conversation. All you have to do is just click on the message icon at the bottom, which will redirect you to DM function. A huge opportunity for brands and businesses, to look after customer services related to tweets, which will make it a streamlined process. Opportunity for business is an opportunity to well craft your online reputation management strategies.

New techniques, new features but that same old battle to become the preference of common man of the day. If you don’t know how these strategies can help you attain your ultimate goal of success, you always have the option to consult some digital solution partner like aReputation, which will look after your each and every ORM need.