aReputation helps identify frauds and defamatory content in the digital universe that can hamper your business. The company monitors fake online reviews and complaints against your brand.

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Study says 90% of business representatives rate online traveler reviews. Is your hotel ready to take the challenge?

online reputation management for hotel.jpgYoung people are highly influenced by online and media content, according to Trip Barometer 2016, a study on travel trends by TripAdvisor. The report also says one-third of travelers will increase their travel spend in 2016. Going by the study, it is important to maintain a healthy online reputation for  and other hospitality businesses in this fast Digital Age.

A happy guest’s review can be turned into a valuable marketing tool. Also, reviews are crucial for any hospitality business, because it lends a solid social credibility, and sways people’s perception and ultimately, decision-making.

The report also says more than 90% of business representatives rated online traveler reviews, repeated business and increased direct bookings of hotels. This is why hoteliers should be considering Online Reputation Management (ORM) as a crucial business improvement tool. ORM can help you manage your hotel’s online reviews, ratings and even stray negative comments floating in the cyber space.

Also, ORM will furbish you an overall view of how your business appears on the Internet – and render an understanding of how negative content about your brand can hamper your business. Armed with all this vital information, you can form strategies to better your brand’s reputation.

Thanks to the Internet, people no longer physically call up a hotel or an eatery to know about its services. Increased number of public review forums and social media platforms allow people to post their opinions, ratings or reviews on anything − be it food, stay, ambience or just the behavior of the staff. They simply look up about the place on the Internet, before finalizing on a travel plan or deciding on a vacation.

People value opinions of other travelers, those who have been to the place before. So no matter how much you spend on improved marketing strategies, if your brand has a lot of negative online feedback, chances are, prospective travelers will give your hotel a miss.

A responsible ORM company will enable hoteliers to track positive reviews, and also disburse positive feedback in the best possible way. aReputation, Asia’s leading Digital Wellness Partner, ensures that its client’s reputation remains free from such vulnerabilities.