aReputation helps identify frauds and defamatory content in the digital universe that can hamper your business. The company monitors fake online reviews and complaints against your brand.

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5 very important reasons your company needs online reputation management

A lot of people don’t see the necessity of listening online. The truth is this is perhaps more important than actually being active online. The cold hard fact is that people are having conversations (good and bad) about your brand whether you like it or not and for anyone with an interest in selling (which let’s face it we all are) its crucial to pay attention to what our customers, potential customers, competitors and influencers are saying about our brands.

ORM — Online Reputation Management — is a really good way to go about listening. There are a number of tools out there that you can use, but the real value comes out of understanding what ORM actually means for your business.

1. It’s all about listening
I cannot stress enough how important it is to be in the loop in terms of what is being said about your business online. Far too often companies which carelessly disregard the importance of what people are saying are left with huge crisis management ordeals which could have been avoided.

According to statistics from research company Pew, four out of five people state that they have received advice via social media regarding what product or service to purchase. A 2012 graphic from Insight Marketing Group meanwhile shows that 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations, only 14% trust advertisement. So what does this mean for your business? They are talking about you beyond your control and you need to be monitoring the conversation.

2. Talk the talk
Besides being able to listen and pick up what your customers are saying about your business, ORM also allows you to understand what people are talking about in context to your business, products or services.

You might pick up that, as a retailer, people are talking about price comparison and using your stores as ‘showrooms’, eventually making their final purchase online. Picking up on this kind of insight could help change your entire business strategy and make you realize that your standalone brick and mortar store is no longer going to cut it and in order to be competitive you need to look at ecommerce options.

As a research company or educational institution you may pick up on trends and issues that suggest people are searching for information on that you are not covering. This may help you expand your offering and start a niche sector catering to specific sought after needs.

3. Identify the influencers
One of the biggest benefits of ORM is that it helps you understand what people are searching for, what they are saying about it, and how this is relevant to your brand. You can also start identifying those key online influencers who seem to steer the crowd either towards or away from your business.

Certain people have greater clout (and Klout) than others and surely you want to get these people on your team? Use ORM to pick up on what these people are saying and start engaging with them. Your attendance to them and what they have to say will only inflate their egos and help put your brand on a pedestal within their social communities.

4. Business strategies revealed
ORM also allows you to pick up on where your brand is being spoken about which may open up opportunity for you to start engaging on new platforms.

An old-school, male-orientated insurance company might, for instance, uncover that some of its biggest competition online is coming from female-orientated site targeted at a much younger audience. It might therefore be time to change its strategy.

You might discover that more and more image driven and video content is being shared about your brand on platforms you are not active on. This may be an opportunity to work branded visual content into your strategy and start engaging within these new visually oriented communities.

5. ORM is big data
As we know, big data uncovers consumer and industry insights on a mass scale. Essentially that’s exactly what ORM is doing, but instead of asking the questions you’re using the tools to listen to the answers.

There is so much data available it can seem overwhelming, and often the pure magnitude of this data leads to us missing critical points of interest and insight.

ORM is a way you can learn to coexist with big data and use it as a pinnacle tool in understanding the importance of social media for business and monitoring online conversations about the brands, people or topics that are important to you.


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Why your online reputation is more important than ever

Consumers generally feel a level of mistrust towards both professions, which is why many seek trusted third-party sources like word-of-mouth referrals in sourcing a reputable business.

And with the latest research showing the continuing exponential rate of growth in internet and social media use, real estate agents can no longer ignore that the most trusted third-party source consumers rely on to form opinions about them is the internet.

Trends show that over the next few years we will see those businesses that have established themselves with a strong and trusted online reputation having one of the most important competitor difference tools in the online digital landscape, and winning more business as a result.

So what does this mean for you? It means an opportunity to let your great reputation be your best online marketing asset to winning new clients.

Here are three things you need to do to grow a positive online reputation.

1. Manage your current online profile

When was the last time you Googled your name and business? Do you hold a number of positions on pages one, two and three? Are there other websites talking about you positively? How does your online profile compare to your competitors’?

These are all important elements of your online profile that you should manage.

Why? Because every single day, your prospects are checking you out online and forming an immediate opinion based on these elements.

Understanding your current online profile allows you to assess the strategies you need to improve and measure it.

2. Identify two or three strategies to improve your online profile and credibility

This could be social media activities via LinkedIn or Facebook, or other similar platforms. Regular blogging to position yourself as a trusted subject matter expert is another way of adding to your online credibility.

3. Join exclusive local online reputation platforms

While there are numerous online directories that allow real estate agents to be profiled, many of these allow any agent (including all your competitors) to be listed alongside you, diluting your brand and reputation.

Consider joining exclusive online platforms or membership groups that only profile a limited number of reputable real estate agents in your area, thereby strengthening your brand as a trusted business choice and allowing you to have a strong competitor difference.

Take charge of your online reputation

Your online reputation is a business and personal asset with incredible brand value. A proactive strategy towards enhancing it will lead to you winning over higher-quality customers, increased conversion rates and opening up greater alliance and partnership opportunities.

But there are no easy tricks, really! At, aReputation, we strongly disapprove of those who practise bait-and-switch swindles.

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Have you got a negative review from customer or competitor about your products and services, which is ranking in Google and hurting your brand reputation, sales and traffic? Well, it’s worrisome but there is a way out. aReputation’s link removal service will help you eradicate and outrank the negative reviews that have been posing as hindrance to the progress of your business entity.

These reviews generally posted on free blogs, review sites or third party sites. We know that social media is extremely powerful, so combining the power of our experience and expertise with help of social media, we assure you the best possible reputation-building of your brand.

Review websites are promoted by the search engines, though for a good cause of helping people identify the right products, companies and service providers. Unfortunately, it has now become one of the most severely abused platforms. Reputation of several good companies is damaged by unscrupulous competitors through these review websites by posting false comments and feedbacks. Though legal action is possible, it is a time consuming and expensive process and meanwhile, you can lose a lot of business. If timely action is not taken, you could easily lose millions of dollars.

Don’t worry! aReputation can help you reclaim your online reputation. We have a large team of reputation management experts and SEO professionals that can effectively help you rebuild your reputation. We offer highly specialized reputation management services that have helped several large companies restore their image and business online.

aReputation has been promoting celebrities, high profile individuals, firms and even online stores who are prone to getting unscrupulous reviews that can, at the click of a button, pop up in search engines. We have, over the years, helped them develop a positive outlook by promoting constructive sites and links. Building online trust is  our mission and we don’t fail.

Although removing negative links completely is an improbability, it is not impossible!

Through a trusted network, aReputation explores and reaches out to the host websites, aggressively seeking explanations with the parallel demand to bury the links before the act to have it published in the first place starts to hurt them. At a time when there is no sense of righteousness in those who indulge in such acts, a subtle hint of threat becomes a necessity. We have a dedicated team of legal eagles who will work for your cause through and through. aReputation, if required, will dish out a legal notice (something that invariably does the trick) to ensure that the matter is taken care of. The use of offensive security technology is also an option that we may readily explore.

After we are done, the material that has been giving you sleepless nights and instilling fear every time you got online, will cease to exist and not just pushed farther down the pages.