aReputation helps identify frauds and defamatory content in the digital universe that can hamper your business. The company monitors fake online reviews and complaints against your brand.


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aReputation Analyses the Influence of Big Data Analytics on Social Media

With a lot of businesses going online, the impact of social media is tremendous at the end of the day. Managing the perception management for various brands, aReputation makes sure that it is used to the fullest when it comes to both branding and management.

A commonly used term in this context is big data, and it often confuses the readers. However, it is easy to understand the concept of big data. As the name says, Big Data simply refers to the massive amount of data that is available online. The sheer presence of this data in the form of text, images, videos and more can help an individual or a company go from being amongst the ones to being the one. Using the right strategies with proper guidance can help a company reach out to the right audiences across the globe.

The influence of big data on Social Media Analytics

The most important concept to understand in the present scenario is the powerful tool that social media can be. The influence it has on the end users in both b2b and b2c business models is huge. One of the most significant sources of Big Data, Social Media Analytics can be used to target specific users whose interests align with the business model of any particular service industry. The fact of the matter however, is that effective usage of social media helps a brand tread on the right path. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other platforms being used by a large user base, the information gathered has the ability to help companies change their strategies for a better outcome.

Following are the social media strategies that help a brand cater to the right audience:

  1. Personalized marketing campaigns
    From being fairly general and appealing to varied groups of people, social media campaigns have now become extremely user specific. With all the data being gathered from social media, the campaigns are now extremely personalized. Various giants like Amazon, Flipkart, etc., hit up customers with very specific interests. If a user is always searching for clothes or looking at pictures of apparel, their social media feed will be hit up by similar ads. For instance, your Facebook feed would say, “Hey Jack, would you like to try this new shirt?”
  2. Purchase predictions of customers
    Website visits, click rates, downloads, etc., were the initial tools used to predict the future behavior of the users. This was an effective strategy in the past, but with increasing user base, accuracy in the data is not up to the mark. Say experts at aReputation, with big data, the marketers can easily judge a user’s future buying patterns, trends and wants. Big Data aids the marketing team in understanding what, when and how a user wants. Thus, increasing the chances of a product being sold.
  3. Creation of user-centric products
    Social media is the best platform to understand a user’s direct perspective. All the data extracted from the Internet is put to use when it comes to creating new and improved products. Brands use it to figure out what is it that customers are complaining about. Also, it helps find out what people are looking forward to. The surveys asking about your likes and dislikes on Youtube are one of the formats that are used to gather information. This helps companies change their patterns and make adjustments to their products accordingly.
  4. The demographics strategy
    Age, gender, location, marital status and a lot more are now being used to optimize the client list of every organization. The products being sold show up on your Facebook and Instagram feed according to many such factors. Social Media Analytics even helps differentiate a fiction reader from a person who likes to read poetry. With such an impact, it provides an opportunity to find what a specific niche of audiences wants.

Along with the right guidance from experts at aReputation and Big Data, you can reach out to larger numbers of specific audience that wants your products/services.


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How To Enhance the Impact of Digital PR Strategy to Make It Big

digital PR




Businesses require a balance of both offline and online presence to make their mark in the markets. When the world started turning to digital technology, businesses too switched from traditional PR to digital PR. However, maintaining a balance between the two techniques is the fundamental way to success.PR or Public Relations is all about the kind of market image you build for your brand.  Exhibiting a true and positive image is important for the progress of your business in the long run.


Social media is the perfect space for building public relations. It is also a space that demands meaningful user engagement. However, the interaction means more than just publishing a few Tweets and Facebook posts on social media platforms. The engagement, if done strategically, helps build brand awareness amongst mass audiences leading to a continuous flow of traffic on your website, resulting in increased revenues.

Some tips to increase the impact of your digital PR techniques and to balance them with traditional PR techniques.
1. Track Your Target Audience On Social Network: Social media is not going to do everything on its own; you need to provide your input. Use the platform as a tool to research target audience and monitor their activities and interests. By understanding the pattern of their interests and recent activities, you can easily plan effective targeting strategies.
2. Develop Influential Business Relationships: All skilled influencers are today active on social media. They are expanding their reachability with the medium of web and it connects your brand to their mass audience.
3. Use Your Content as an Outreach Tool: Nothing makes a better impact than a well-written content. If a video goes viral, it is not because who published it but what was published in it; the content. Use the word power wisely to attain the mixed benefits from the traditional and digital PR.
According to a recently conducted IBM survey, more than 70% of online users expressed not being ‘impressed’ by experiencing virtual reality. Striking the right balance between Digital and Traditional PR is the key to achieve desired results and online presence successfully as planned.

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Vigilint: The Social Media Analytics Watchdog

A social media analytics company integrates social media and business metrics into a single, broader dimension. They organize and decipher data from social media platforms for an organization. Formulation of an effective business strategy for that client is made easier. A social media analytics company is responsible for the comprehension social media conversations all over the world. But to keep doing it effortlessly and smartly, one needs to weaponize this process. A tool is needed that offers not just vigilance, but helps taking initiatives as well.

aReputation, an online reputation management organization, proudly announces Vigilint. It’s a social media analytics tool that acts as a watchdog for your social media metrics. This analysis and measurement platform caters to the need of advanced analytics for companies of all sizes. It also provides live streamed keyword monitoring from social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more.

Vigilint delivers an easy-to-understand report without much effort involved from the user’s side. The report includes content performance as well as audience chatter. This makes it simpler for the user to evaluate the content reach and the level of audience engagement. Vigilint also boasts message scheduling, peak social media activity prediction and analysis of historical trends. All of these are packaged in an intelligent and automated system.

The social media analytics market is predicted to grow from $1.6 billion presently to $5.4 billion in five years. Vigilint may prove to be a game-changing software as it keeps social media on the finger tips of its users.

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Top 3 Reasons why Real Estate Developers need Social Media

real-estateMore and more people are using the Internet to look for new properties in the real estate world. Only a few years ago, people looked up properties online on a computer, took a map, and drove out to see a potential home.

But  technology has changed the entire way the real estate world functions now. The Digital Revolution has made it a highly competitive business. Today, people consider or discard property options with just a swipe on their smartphones.

If you’re a real estate agent or developer, having social media presence is crucial. Else, your competitors might just  sail ahead, while you keep waiting for that prospective buyer.

aReputation, a leading digital wellness company, discusses the three top benefits of Online Reputation Management (ORM) that a real estate business can attain.

  1. Stay up-to-date: Since most people look for properties online, it gets easier to find out the likes and dislikes of Having an idea about what your client’s preferences is definitely an  added advantage.
  2. Grow your brand: Branding your realtor company is a must. You have to set yourself apart from your competitors and rivals. There’s a reason why successful real estate companies shell out money for branding.
  3. Educate your clients: Dealing with the innocence and ignorance of clients can be painful. Adding tools like calculators, loan information mortgage, home buyer tips and access to MLS listings will up the value of your website.

Building a relationship with your client is imperative in today’s competitive world. This can be done by staying relevant to your area of expertise. Creating your own website is not enough. You need social media presence to gauge growth and development.

Get in touch with a reputed ORM company and let your business go boom!

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Work With Influencers To Make Your Business More Powerful


Influencers are taking over the world.

Endorsements, TV programs and free stuff once reserved for only the hottest celebrities are now being handed out like candy to anyone with an Instagram account. But what exactly constitutes an “influencer”?

Influencers, or “taste makers”, are people who are very active on social media with a large group of dedicated followers. These followers will (we hope) buy anything that they are told to buy. And, although I comment in jest, the truth is that these tastemakers are a great way for any business to maximize their exposure.

While a feature or advertising space in a print magazine would have been the ultimate goal just a few years ago, things now are vastly different. Back in the ‘90s, a feature in InStyle or Vanity Fair would mean fantastic exposure and a high return on investment. Today, digital PR has all but taken over. Our society is fixated on valuing the opinions of “real people” over the once-revered mega brands. Age-old-style marketing is alive and thriving and the best part is that it’s very accessible, even for those on a budget.


Most businesses make the mistake of adopting a reactionary strategy towards working with influencers. That’s because these brands are often bombarded with requests from tastemakers seeking free meals, clothing or jewelry in return for an Instagram post or savvy Tweet. But the influencer marketplace can prove confusing. For example, what exactly is the impact of an Instagrammer with 100k followers snapping shots about your business? The truth is, this type of exposure could be incredibly beneficial for a business but only if it’s tailor-made to your ideal audience.

With the reactionary strategy, you won’t be able to pinpoint for yourself those influencers with the ideal audience and target market to promote your brand. You simply have to trust that the influencers contacting you have a similar type of following as those whom you are trying to attract. This is not always the case.

For example, fashion bloggers are incredibly popular with teenage girls but if you are a clothing brand that sells your pieces for thousands of dollars, I bet there are only a few teenage girls who could afford your clothing.

There are many great ways to vet your influencers, such as using a company like Ugli who will do the job for you. We conduct what is essentially a background check on your future partners. We’ve done it for our friends in their love lives as well as our clients and their influencers, and enjoyed great success every time! We are the matchmakers of the influencer world.

At the end of the day, influencers are a marketing strategist’s dream, and it will often only cost you a meal or a piece from your latest spring collection.


If your brand hasn’t been bombarded with influencer requests, all is not lost. Dedicated marketing companies such as Ugli will seek out your ideal influencers and build authentic relationships with them over time, paving the way to a long-term collaboration that works alongside your sales goals.

The influencer game is definitely a long play – the best influencers are picky and won’t say yes to anyone without proof of genuine interaction and value. We will play the game for you, and we will make sure that all the best people win.

So, once you’ve found the influencer Romeo to your brand Juliet, how can you get the most out of your collaboration? It’s essential to lay out guidelines to what you will do for them and what you expect them to do for you. Put it into a friendly contract, for an added level of security. Don’t fall into the trap of believing that influencers will always follow up on their promises. Define your expectations and make them clear at the beginning.

Once your influencer posts their content, it’s up to you to get it out there. Retweet, share, comment, engage and just talk, talk, talk online all about your collaboration. Dedicated blog posts and newsletters discussing just how fabulous your influencer is will also prove effective. Hashtag everything and link back to your website, their website and all related online content to make sure your message gets across. The more effort you put in, the higher the rewards you will reap.